Collaborate on Goals to Improve Logistics Department Functions

The start of the New Year is the perfect time for business owners and managers to set goals for the next 12 months.  You've closed your books on last year.  If you haven't already, it's time to make plans for next year.  

Striving toward a specific business goal can be overwhelming.  If you have it broken down into bite-sized pieces,  you should be able to take a series of small, digestible steps each day to get closer to your goal.  Lets be honest though, most New Years's resolutions don't make it past February.  How can you become one of those elite few who actually achieve what they set out to do?  What are the secrets?   

According to the Forbes Magazine article published on December 26, 2016, there are 7 secrets to achieve your New Year's resolutions.  

Logistics Improvements


  • Make your goals specific
  • Measure progress
  • Be patient
  • Share your goals with friends and family
  • Schedule it
  • Something is better than nothing
  • When you slip up, Get up

    After browsing dozens of articles on the subject, this is the only article I found that mentions the idea to "share your goals with friends and family".  Modified for business,  it makes sense to share goals with employees, partners, vendors and service providers.  When we link everyday efforts to overall goals, this enables our team to more clearly visualize how their work contributes to the larger company strategy and success. Clearly communicating the aligned goals ensure that valuable time is not wasted on unrelated tasks.  

    In recent years, consumers have evolved to become harder to find, engage and please.  Businesses across the entire supply chain can conquer this challenge by banding together, sharing information and truly collaborating to exceed customer expectations.  Collaboration as a discipline is still very immature in industry. Some organizations have improved business results by sharing information and developing joint business strategies, some retailers and suppliers are struggling to do so.

    Retailer-supplier collaboration is paramount for keeping products on store shelves and ensuring shopper satisfaction. Improving your logistics department functions can be one of the most important ways to positively impact other departments and empower your team to move forward with the objectives. From sales and customer service, to finance and accounting, everyone is affected when shipping is unorganized and inefficient.  Weather your goals are to increase sales, expand into new markets, improve customer satisfaction, or decrease inefficiencies- stepping outside the box and communicating with your logistics service providers could be the key to your success.

     Vendors and service providers can be a valuable resource.  For example, to improve logistics department functions, a 3rd party logistics provider can provide technology & training.  They can negotiate on your behalf and provide unbiased recommendations.  You can request they even check in with key employees to periodically to measure progress and keep the overall objective in focus for the long term.  

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