LTL Pricing News

LTL Carrier Updates

Capacity remains incredibly tight across the LTL industry.  With Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), difficulty finding drivers, and freight spill-over from the Truckload market, our LTL partner carriers are struggling to meet service standards.  Their published transit times have always been considered “estimates”, with some carriers meeting these transit times more frequently than others.  Today, every single LTL carrier is seeing service degradation due to capacity challenges.  All indications are that capacity will remain tight for some time.  It may even get worse before it gets better.

We are currently seeing hot-spots across the US which are largely tied to specific carriers being particularly challenged with driver shortages in key markets. 

  • XPO is limiting the acceptance of freight inbound to Colorado and Utah
  • XPO is declining pickup of shipments with pieces over 8 feet in length and are also experiencing significant capacity issues in various Georgia markets.
  • YRC has suspended their guarantees for Time-Critical (expedited) shipments until 9-11-18.  Non expedited (standard) guaranteed service is still available with the money back guarantee. 
  • YRC is experiencing significant driver shortages in both Phoenix and the Denver area. Expect significant delays in these markets and on any pass-through freight.
  • AAA Cooper is declining pickup of shipments with pieces over 8 feet in length and other difficult-to-handle freight in Atlanta, Houston, and Miami.
  • Fed Ex has a temporary restriction on volume service deliveries into Colorado, Florida, and Oregon.  

While we are not aware of any formal embargo, you should expect carriers to manage the issue of driver availability on a daily basis within each market.  Carriers may decline pickups, particularly for large shipments and/or shipments with difficult-to-handle pieces.

Guaranteed and Time Critical Services

If a delayed delivery is expected to create a real problem for the customer, by all means consider using the Guaranteed and Time Critical services offered by many LTL partner carriers. Shipments moving under these offerings will simply get the visibility and priority within that carrier’s network to ensure freight delivers on time.  The guarantee gives the carrier added incentive to perform, and helps offset the pain if the carrier fails. 

GlobalTranz helps our customers move thousands of LTL shipments each and every day.  The majority are picked up and delivered on time, with no service or damage issues.  Of course, exceptions do occur.  At times we experience issues or challenges that require some form of escalation with a carrier.  It's easy to begin forming the opinion that the exceptions are the rule.  The reality is that when things go smoothly, they often go unnoticed.  If you notice a driver or customer service person that goes above and beyond to help solve a situation please share the positive stories with us.  We will be sure to pass along the positive feedback.  We know they'll appreciate it and so will their employees.  

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