Get LTL rates from multiple top carriers using the best freight management software in the industry. Existing customers can log in and see competitive rates in seconds for freight weighing 150 pounds or more. With advanced features, shippers can sort results by shipping cost, quickest delivery, best on time, and best claims free.

The GlobalTranz CarrieRate software is doing for freight what Expedia did for travel. Easily quote, book and manage shipments with the most advanced, user friendly technology available today. 


Equipped with a team of full truckload brokers, and partnerships with tens of thousands of carriers, we will find the solutions that best fit your business. Weather you need a dry van, flatbed, refrigerated or other specialized equipment, we have the expertise and leverage to provide the most cost efficient options. 

To ensure your freight moves quickly and safely, we carefully screen all of our national and regional carrier partners. Our team will proactively monitor every one of your shipments from start to finish, keeping you informed along the way. Backed by cutting-edge analytics and monitoring technology we are the smart choice when it comes to managing all your freight. 


With expedited shipments the margin of error is zero. Our knowledge and strong partner relationships allow us to offer our customers reliable, flexible, and cost-effective shipping solutions.  When the logistics seem too complex with impossible deadlines, we will take care of everything so you don't have to!

Trade Shows

The transportation of your products and materials to and from trade shows can be very stressful. With small windows of time for pickup and delivery along with the money you have invested in conference attendance, it is critical that your shipment arrives on schedule.